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Atomic Learning provides web-based software training and curriculum resources for more than 110 applications students and educators use every day. Our just-in-time approach focuses on answering the common questions people have when learning popular software packages.

Atomic Learning provides thousands of short, easy-to-understand tutorial movies and a library of curriculum resources that can be used as an integral part of a professional development program, a valuable curriculum supplement, and an anytime/anywhere software training resource.

Below is an mind blowing video produced by Karl Fisch, Director of Technology at Arapaho High School in Centennial, Colorado and an EdTech Guru. Karl produced this video originally as a .ppt for a teacher in-service in 2007. Karl wanted to get his colleagues thinking about what teaching and school needs to look like students in the information age.

This video got me thinking, I hope it gets you thinking too. To learn more about Karl Fisch you can visit his blog, The Fischbowl (I am an unabashed groupie).

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